I am AHNYUTHAZI AHRAYAHN.  In my tradition, this name signifies “She Who Brings Forth for Ascended Civilization”.  This site is dedicated to mothers everywhere.  Our ability to bring forth life is a Divine gift and I support all individuals and families who are choosing to explore better alternatives to pregnancy care, mother care and child care.

I have had eight births and each of them have been unique and amazing experiences, replete with challenges and joys.  It is my hope that sharing my stories will encourage other women and families to gain insight and be encouraged to also share their stories, both good and bad, as a powerful medicine towards greater realization and opportunities for enhancing our birthing and motherhood experiences. 

In addition to  “She Who Brings Forth”, my family and friends will be sponsoring THE MADONNA INSTITUTE as a media platform for presenting other women’s stories and as a resource center for current research and the integration of useful traditional practices which support healthy pregnancy, birthing and mothering.


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